Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sarah, c.1862, originally uploaded by victorianlady1800.

victorianlady1800 / Lady Estelle

(Sarah Forbes Bonetta) a African Princess
  Sarah at the age of 8, I was taken to England, June of 1850, to meet with Queen Victoria. She became her godmother and benefactor.
As rare as it was for her Majesty to received guests, she took a liking to her. She owe her life to the Queen and the great Captain Forbes.
The story of her life can be read in the book "At Her Majesty's Request" by Walter Dean Myers

This is my dear friend Lady Pearl (Countess of Beaumont)

Is this just the most. I adore corsets.
I am training to wear a corset at all times. A proper Victorian Lady wears her corset to complete her look.

026, originally uploaded by BeverlyBernice.
I absolute love this picture.
I do not know who the model is nor the photographer.
It is so Lacey and Sexy.
I have this love for Hats and Corsets. You are invited to come and share this love with me.
This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.
Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fashion is My Muse
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My Victorian Hostess Gown

Honorable Mention:

Costume Contest USA Entry 29.) Dress: Historic Hearthside House Hostess Gown Victorian Costume Contest

Victorian Dress Costume ContestComment by JUDGE Lisa Schnapp: 8/15/2010

"Lovely, glowing creation blended of soft, feminine hues. A stunning gown that embodies Victorian style femininity..."


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