Monday, April 23, 2012

A Gift for a Lady!

My new found friend made a not-so-good day turn into a great day for me. As I dragged my tired self home from work, not feeling myself, what was waiting for me? At the top of my landing was a delivery for Lady Estelle. I knew right away what it was and who it was from. I could not wait to get inside my apartment and open it up.
Low and behold! A beautiful pink parasol from Peggy Ann.

It brightened up my day and I will be beholding to her.
 She is a true kindred spirit. May God bless her.

 What a lovely gift and I am blessed to have her as my friend.

Please, go to her website and get to know her.
Have a great day! Lady Estelle

Cozy reading corner

Cozy reading corner, originally uploaded by cottageqt.

This is not my home,but It is an inspirstion for an idea. It is time to make more sitting near the windows.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Historic cooking at Hearthside

At Hearthside we will be introducing cooking of the past. I am happy to be portraying the cook for the Mansion.

I have been doing much research in historic cooking in the hearth and on the old wood stove. Our kitchen is not equipped for cooking on the hearth, so I plan to demonstrate for our visitors on food preparation. I am looking to in the future to take a class for historic cooking.

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My Victorian Hostess Gown

Honorable Mention:

Costume Contest USA Entry 29.) Dress: Historic Hearthside House Hostess Gown Victorian Costume Contest

Victorian Dress Costume ContestComment by JUDGE Lisa Schnapp: 8/15/2010

"Lovely, glowing creation blended of soft, feminine hues. A stunning gown that embodies Victorian style femininity..."

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