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                                    THE TRUE VICTORIAN TEA SOCIETY

Step Back In Time

Step Back in Time with me to a moment of "Days Gone By"~
Where manners and eloquence were the rule.
A time when politeness and courtesy were just a normal way of life.
A time when Men were truly "Gentlemen", and they treated women Like "Ladies".
How I longs for Those Days Again or the days when a women would have always been treated with honor and respect.
I love the kindness and gentleness of the period.
My friends say that I must have lived my previous lives in that era,or perhaps,
I am what they call an "Old Souls" just looking for the time to go back.
I feel that this was MY TIME.

This Victorian Society site is for all kindred spirits that love the taking of tea and all things Victorian. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Re-Post."Hosting a Baby Shower at Providence Manson"

On March 29th 2009, 35 women gathered at the Governor Henry lippitt Museum to celebrate with the coming of a new life. This museum is one of the most complete, authentic and intact Victorian houses in the country. "Stepping into the hall of this mansion transports you into a captivating space; the design, the detail and the craftsmanship make it one of America's unique national treasures."

This was the age of opulent Victorian society, featuring a grand dinning room where Mrs. Lippitt presided over lavish dinners and sumptuous social affairs.
Wearing an authentic housekeeping attire, I prepare a elegant tea for the 
guest of the baby shower.

Beautiful tea cups decorated the "Ladies Room" of the Mansion. This was in the room where the guest of the baby shower awaited the mother- to-be.

The mother- to-be opens her gifts surrounded by love ones and many of her great grandmother's tea cups.

  The guest enjoying the tea and sweet treats that I had prepared for them.

  It was a great experience meeting Mrs Kennedy and catering her daughter's baby show in the Lippitt Mansion. We have become close friends and I am sure I have created an memorable event for her, her daughter and guests.

More Snow

Everything is so peaceful here at the tea Corner. It's a day before another snow storms to hit down here in New England. 

I am here at the tea corner relaxing and keeping a watch on the weather.  All is calm right now. "It's the calm before the storm."

I invite you to come sit and have tea with me before all have to get  their cars from off the streets. We can eat sweets and sip tea until the storm sends you home.
 It suppose to start late tonight and be really bad tomorrow(Monday) We have had so much snow this last two months. 
 Best wishes to all that have just come through it.God bless,
lady Estelle

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