Are you a ephemera

Do you collect old post card, photograph or paper dolls. Remember them. If you love collecting very old paper and things, than YOU are an Ephemera. Join this group.


The True Victorian/Edwardian Network

Etiquette for women, men and young children has never changed. They are still the same as in the past:
I have created a network group to keep the decorum of the day alive.
The subjects in this group are :~ Behavior, Body language,~Poise and Posture,~ Beauty, Health and Fitness,~ Image and Appearance,
~ Fashion and Accessories,~ Etiquette,~ Cooking and Dining skills,~ Dating, Dances and Parties,~ Effective communication,~ Writing and Penmanship,~ Cultural,
~ Figure correction and Corset-training,~ Parenting & Mentoring for young children.

Let us step back in time and revisit these times and era!

New Year Twenty 20's Celebration!

Now that the new year has come in, let's get together and seal it with some good old fashion making merry. Let's step back to the Ro...