A Historic Walk through Providence

I do enjoy taking a morning or afternoon walk through the most historic part of my town. My favorite part is College Hill.

At the bottom of the hill sits this beautiful Church. .
The First Baptist Church in America has been on College Hill in downtown Providence since 1638,
This memorial is to recognize the Black Africans that attend and worshiped in the church in the founding days.

As you go to the top of the hill you can look down a see the center of the city which is Providence. This church and area was founded by Rodger Williams in the 1600's.
Roger Williams purchased this land from two Narragansett Chiefs, and named his settlement Providence in thanks to God.
This park is located at the top of college hill. Roger Williams Park. What a spectacular view!
I spend many quite days taking historic tours in this area.

One of my favorite new found home was the Steven Hopkins's place. It sits right on the side of the hill.

This quaint little colonial house have a well kept garden that is great  for peaceful outdoor reading.

It is charming and enchanting.

Take a walk though my town.

My Favorite Time of the Year,

I find that I love the fall with all it's color and grandeur. "It's time for change!" say's Mother Nature.
The trees get all dressed up and show off it's colors. Then cover the ground to soften your path.It time to really enjoy a cool walk in the park. You can truly dress for the occasion and not be too hot.
I can say that this is my favorite time of the year.
I have many plans for Fall decoration of the tea salon. I have placed at the top of the stair landing this lovely antique baby carriage to welcome my guest.
It has started to cool down here quite a bit there in New England. I have spent many days and evenings sitting out on my front porch reading or just day dreaming as the cool air comforts me to a quick nap.
Such a peaceful season! I wish all my kindred spirited friend a time of good harvest and tranquility.
Lady Estelle

ReOpening the Tea Corner

With the settling in of my new job and deciding not to move, it is time to get back to the redesigning and reopening my Victorian tea Corner. I have more time to spend on it now.
Everything is falling into place. I have changed my parlor into more sitting room for tea. I have removed some furniture and added two small tables for four. I will be looking around yard sales and flea markets for older style wooden chairs. I do not want them to match. I will decorate each one differently. I think that will be fun.
I needed a buffet table for food and tea service, so I used the old antique office deck. It was to large and heavy to remove. It works quite well as a buffet.

I will be able to entertain up to eight for a lovely afternoon of tea.
I planned to reopen the Salon on Saturday afternoon. I have invited some of my friends over for tea to sit and enjoy the beginning process with me.  I hope everyone will be as pleased with it as I am.
The work to the Corner is by far, not done.
I have great plans for the coming Fall.

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