Come visit the historic Hearthside Museum.

Welcome to Hearthside House Museum!

Extraordinary photographs of Hearthside and other historic sites along Great Road taken by David Cruz of Creative Image Photography of Cumberland. Each is a wonderful artistic expression of the rich history we celebrate here.

                "The House built with love"

I am a docent and volunteer for this historic homestead.
Come take a tour with me of Historic Hearthside.

Step inside a get a closer look
My favorite room is the front right bedroom on the second floor. I call it the women of the house's room.
 The original sleigh bed and armoire was donated by the Mowbrays.
It is the second most important bedroom next to the Master bedroom.

                                                        The new fainting Chair!

 You can see the fireplace has much detail on it. It is only fireplace in the the bedrooms that is designed to heat water from it.

The lovely dress has a gold skirt that is quit special. In the front hemline ,you can see that the flowers design actually is hand sewn colored straw. It was obviously worn by someone of wealth and is still in excellent shape..It dates to approximately 1880.

The bureau was donated to us.  The knobs are original Sandwich glass and are worth more than all the furniture in the room combined!
This beautiful statue was also giving to the house as a gift by David, one of the volunteer and a docent of the house.

 There is always something wonderful going on at Hearthside House.
Enjoy this new video.

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