Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Kitchen!

I don't cook any more because all six of my children are out of the home and on their own.
They are raising their children and doing well, Thanks to the Lord!
I still enjoy baking though. I send many days here baking treats for my teas and just keeping the apartment warn.

I love sitting in the dinning room, enjoying tea and feeling and smelling the goodies in the oven. Reminds me of my childhood days.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My study of Elizabeth Hobbs Keckley

As an enslaved young woman, Keckley was moved to the rough frontier city of St. Louis, where she began working as a dress designer. She eventually was able to buy her freedom and went to Washington, D.C., where she established herself as dress maker to some of the wives and daughters of high-level politicians and officers. Before long, she was supplying not only beautiful clothing but also a sympathetic ear to Mary Todd Lincoln.

Keckley's descriptions of the Lincolns at home reveal touching, unguarded moments of laughter, discussion, and affection. She witnessed the grief of both parents at the death of their son Willie.

I will be doing more research of Keckley's relation with Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln.I feel this will be a perfect persona for me.

Elizabeth Keckly
Elizabeth Keckly (often spelled Keckley) was born into slavery in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. An accomplished dressmaker, she earned enough money to buy her freedom and her son’s. In 1861 Keckly was living in Washington, D.C., when she was introduced to Mary Lincoln.

Keckly became Mary’s principal dressmaker, a trusted confidant, and an intimate friend. It was a close, complicated, unequal relationship—the women were drawn together by genuine affection and divided by class and race.

In Need Of A Mentor!

This was a very inspirational and and timely article that I stumbled across while doing research on a persona for reenactment. I greatly would love to meet this powerful women.I have read some of her works, but would love to see her performance. I am in need of a mentor and educator at this point.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Reading for the Month of January.

These are not just what I am reading this month, but they are also gifts from dear friends. I am very serious about starting to make my own dresses for reenactment. I have meet many wonderful ladies with the seamstress skills that has offered to help my in this adventure. I feel this will be very rewarding to my passion of wearing Victorian/Edwardian clothes.

My Style of Dress.

People ask me quit often about my style of dress. Do I make my own clothes? Where do I purchase my dresses?
Well, sad to say, I do not make my own clothes yet. I purchase many of my dresses from Recollection and my shoes and accessories from Blockade Runners.

I enjoy wearing a comfortable boot that I can depend for warmth and durability.This boots I wore all winter long. They also got me thought a very wet and muddy reenactment of the Civil War on Chase Farm. We spent the two day weekend in a muddy field in Lincoln. I had no complaints of cold and wet feet. They held up though the whole War.


My experience with Recollections has been a memorable one from the beginning of my journey back in time.I purchase my very first Victorian dress from them.

I was so please when they entered my story on their "Valued Customer List"

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I am a Timewarpian?

Here at this Interview section, you will get to meet Timewarpians and regular folks that simply love retro things and old school values. Learn about the other guests, their home life, their work, and their passion for retro.I am a Timewarpian.


Time Warp Living Is a retro movement where both men and women have taken radical action to escape what they see as the hectic grind of modern life. Past eras had their share of difficulties. Could it be that these timewarpians have overly romanticized the past, or were those times really better than our own? You decide.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Simple life!

I live a simple life enjoying music, reading, writing in my journal, and scrap booking. My apartment is done modestly but comfortable.

I surround myself with images and things of the pass, from the pictures on the walls, lost of dollies and classical music. I am truly in a time wrap.

This is home

My life long work has been in catering to the public, so when I come home, I step back in time. I love to have tea by lantern light. I will bake myself some warm tea cookies or treats to enjoy with my tea.I do not have a TV in my parlor.That is something I can do without.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

An Appreciation Reception at Hearthside House

On Friday, The Hearthside House and the "Friends of Hearthside" hosted an appreciation reception for the sponsor who gave a donation of $50 or more. I was a guest at the reception that night. I wore a lovely Victorian bodice made by a very talented friend and received many compliments on her work.

The House put out a lovely spread and the evening was a memorable one. It was still all dress up in the holiday decoration. What spender!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Victorian Housekeeper

The senior female servant,
the Housekeeper supervised the
hiring and firing of the woman staff.

Referred to as "Mrs"
whether married or not,
she looked after the household accounts,
purchased supplies, cured, bottled,
and preserved food.

She met daily with the Lady of the house to go over
the books and preside over
the Servant's Tea, using that time
to relay any necessary information

to members of the staff.
She oversaw the storeroom, china closet,
still room, and linen cupboard.
If the laundry was sent out, she carefully recorded
each piece as it went out and came back.

Easy to identify,
the Housekeeper wore a black silk uniform
and large set of keys
safely at her waist.

Keys prevailed in importance, as
many expensive items, tealeaves,
spices, and pickled meat
remained locked up.

Her last duty in the evening would be to
oversee the washing and storing of
the dinner china.

In 1872,she would have earned $300 a year.

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Christmas Victorian Stroll

Each year, a group from the Hearthside House who "love to dress" has participated in a Victorian Stroll in Pascoag as they kick off their Christmas season. I had the pleasure to join them this year. It was on Sat. Nov. 28th starting around 4:00. We just walked around the streets for an hour or so, looking pretty and making their event a success with our presence. There are usually only a handful of others who are dressed.
We take this opportunity to hand out fliers to promote some of our upcoming Christmas events at Hearthside. In the past we have had many visitors at Hearthside from Pascoag and Burrillville because of it.
At this event you meet many talented craft people who display their talents by making wonderful Christmas delights. It was a festive event.

A Truely Victorian Weekend!

I had the great honor to stay at the Frederick Stegmaier Mansion, which was a true step back in time.
I was spellbound by it's beauty and grandeur. I felt as if I had entered a world of royalty.

My host, Joseph Matteo was a most charming and delightful Victorian gentlemen. I was floored by his attention for detail and master showmanship. He is a true Victorian!
My sleeping accommodations was enchanting. I was not able to sleep because I did want to wake up and find it was only a dream.

Needless to say, It was a memorable weekend that I did not want to end!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Hearthside House

Come take a tour at the Hearthside House in Lincoln, RI
I am a docent and volunteer for this historic homestead.



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