Thursday, December 20, 2012

Seasons Greetings from Hearthside!

I would like to thank the young lady that came to Hearthside for a visit and took these lovely photos. Many thanks goes out to Jeanne Lapierre for sharing her photos in this lovely composition of images and music. On her first visit to the house she fell in love with it just as I did. I am sure you will agree that she has captured Hearthside at it's best.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Comfort of Home

The comfort of home is what I am grateful for this Thanksgiving. I am grateful for a warm home to come to at the end of a long day of chasing dreams and finances.

This is a wonderful quote that was sent to me and I am passing it along to you. "
I count you among my blessings". Here's to a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, fun and food (and, of course, hope, inspiration and possibility!).

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Victorian Mourning at the Hearthside House in Lincoln

Welcome to Hearthside House.
The "Victorian Mourning" exhibit, on display this month at The Hearthside House in Lincoln, Rhode Island, explores the unique traditions surrounding mourning during the Victorian era.

Americans took their cues from Queen Victoria, making mourning one of America's first big businesses. "Mourning clothes for ladies were really the first ready-made, off-the-rack clothes that you could buy,"
The exhibit also examines the significance that flowers and food played in Victorian-era funerals, as well as many of the actions following death that were customary, such as having a small funeral tea or dinner in the home of the family.
For more on this event and dates of the exhibit, go to:

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Staging of a comparison Shot

 The photo on the left was taken by Rufus Waterman in 1900. In the photograph is Mrs. Waterman and the Talbot's cook, Marie Jackson.
 This comparison photo on the right was taken by David Cruz in 2012. In this photo is Mrs. Kathy Hartley and Estelle Barada (me)
 Both photos was taken in the Hearthside House's kitchen.  How amazing.

Monday, September 24, 2012

1812 at Hearthside

This past month I enjoyed a step back to the year of 1812, The docents and myself dressed in that period and open the house for a  guided tour of actual artifacts from the War of 1812.

 On display was the  Guerriere's bell and a model of the U.S.S. Constitution. Part of this wonderful exhibit was navigation equipment used on early Naval ships.  One of the docents gave information about the battle with the Guerriere.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Old Brick School House.

The Old Brick School House, a small but dignified building, embodies a special kind of significance in the history of Providence. Although it stands somewhat crowded by current neighbors, the Brick School House still makes a significant statement about the democratic and civic ideals of 18th century Providence.

The Brick School house served many educational functions. Among its occupants were a school for black children, a cooking school, and a fresh air school for tubercular children, the first such program in America.

In the early nineteenth century, many African Americans were educated in the Old Brick School House. In the 1820s, a Quaker ran a private school for African American children.
 In 1828, the town of Providence established a public school system and created a separate school for African Americans until the state legislature outlawed racially segregated schools in 1866.
The public segregated school was called the Meeting Street School, the African school, and the colored school.
 On Saturday, July 28 at 5:00 p.m., I  with many others, joined The Rhode Island Black Heritage Society in the unveiling of a plaque at  the Meeting Street School, which, in 1828, became the first public school in Rhode Island to be open to African American children.
It was once again, history in the making and I was honored to be in attendance for this celebration..
It was very nice to see the community come out and show there support. By preserving and teaching our history to the children, makes for a better future.
 The Meeting Street School will be persevered and looked after under the expert stewardship of James Hall and the Providence Preservation Society,

Saturday, June 30, 2012

My visit to the Old Providence State House

 On June 26th, as part of my birthday adventure, I visited the old state house of Providence. I admire this place for it's architectural quality.  I have found that it is just one of the five state houses of Rhode Island.
 The old state house, dating to 1762.

 The old state house is now offices of the Rhode Island Historical Preservation Commission and most of it is not open to the public, but in the basement is the old House of Deputies room.

 The Old State House was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1970, and is a key element of the College Hill Historic Landmark District, designated in 1971.

Before the present tower on the west facade and the wing on Benefit Street were added in the nineteenth century, the Old State House bore a striking resemblance to the Newport Colony House. At the center of the west front was an elaborate classically detailed entrance way with a portico or balcony.
 This is such a stately old building and I am happy that it is being preserved, even if it is not used as often. They do have historical events held there from time to time.
 I can say, I truly enjoyed my historical visit to the "Old State House."

Monday, June 18, 2012

Enjoying a Victorian Summer

The Summer always starts off with the Memorial Day Parade. My grad daughter loves to attend the parade with me to see the clowns. What little girl does not enjoy those funny entertainers.

I love to march in the parade to give my support to the Hearthside House. We entered our float with the theme of our next upcoming event, which is The David Davidson Exhibit.

"Color &Light" Early 20th Century Portraits of Hearthside Exhibit.
 You are invited to come to this amazing exhibit, which will be on display all the month of June and July.
 It will be a wonderful way to spend a Summer afternoon.

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