Another Great Artist of Providence, Rhode Island.

Antique tinted photo by David Davidson This beautiful hand tinted photo it measures 18 by 14 and the photo itself measures 8 by 10 the picture is in perfect condition there are water spots around the edges that does not touch the picture itself, for the age the wooden frame is in good overall condition, wonderful collectors item David Davidson was the founder of the Davidson Photographic Studios in Providence RI. Davidson went on to become one of the national leaders in hand-colored photography and, his business ranked #2 in total overall sales of hand-colored photographs, with only Wallace Nutting selling more pictures than him. Working most of his career in Providence RI, most Davidson pictures were taken in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New England.

Calling on Mr and Mrs. Edward Mitchell Bannister.

I have decided to visit the home of Mr. Edward M Bannister and Christiana Carteaux Bannister.
After the war Civil War, the Bannisters moved to Providence where both their careers flourished here at 93 Benevolent Street.
Their home sits on a beautiful quiet street in the College Hill section of town. I have always admire the historic homes in the surrounding era. Because of the Bannister's life here in this house is my obsession for this visit.

This is where Mr. Bannister become a leader in the American art world..With my passion for history and the arts, I needed to feel the presence of this great man and his life.
Being here today assures me that this home is a valuable icon for African American history.

Well, I could see no one was home, so I left my calling card which reads...
                              To The Mr. and Mrs. of the House,                            

                      Sorry to have missed you today, 
                            February 5th, 1886.
                             I will call on you again, Lady Estelle T. Tucker
This home is listed on the Providence Preservation Society  and "This House Matters"
Edward Bannister was a prominent black painter who lived at 93 Benevolent St. from 1884 to 1899 with his wife, Christiana, though neither ever owned the property.

My Adventure to the Providence Art Club

This evening I attend an awards reception at the Providence Arts club. The Providence Art Club was founded in 1880.  Mr Edward Mitchell Bannister was one of the founding members.
 I was very much looking forward to this adventure.
As, I entered the club, I felt as I had step back in time. I had seen this old photo of some of the members back in the 1800's, enjoy breakfast in one of the sitting rooms.
Well, tonight

I got to see that same room. It was one of my favorite rooms of the club. It was enchanting.
As I roamed around like a little girl discovering new places, I came across a very small cozy sitting area with a warm fire going. I could sit there and get lost in the moment.
 But, then my friends found me and it was time to return back into the 21st century. I have decided that I will have a return visit in the future.It was a glorious night

portrayal of 19th century entrepreneur Christiana Carteaux Bannister

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