Friday, January 13, 2017

I don't cook any more because all six of my children are out of the home and on their own.
They are raising their children and doing well, Thanks to the Lord!
I still enjoy baking though. I send many days here in my new tea salon, baking treats for my teas guest, that come to visit. It also helps to keep the studio warn on a cold winter's day..

 Crescent rolls filled with plum preserves and Pumpkin butter. Garnished with beautiful ripe black grapes.

I love sitting in the dinning room, enjoying tea and feeling and smelling the goodies in the oven. Reminds me of my childhood days.

Monday, January 2, 2017
I am wishing all my friends and family good health in 2017.
Saturday, December 31, 2016
 Today is New Years Eve. I would like to take this time and say "Good Bye. "

2016 was a glorious year for me.
It was my first year of retirement. I have accomplished much and I am very pleased with my accomplishments

 Along the way, I have met many new friends with an appreciation for my passion for Victorian fashion and the love for Tea. 
I introduce them to the history of tea and the proper way to enjoy a good pot of tea.
 I have been living my dream. I was successful in opening up a Tea Salon where I invite other to come and enjoy a step back in time, relax and feel a simpler style of life.
 As guests, I cater to them with tea and sweet delights, They come and read, listen to music and socialize the old fashion.

 In creating this little social club, I have my own concierge where folks can come to network, relax, and socialize while having a wonderful tea experience.
 It is quite rewarding  knowing I have creating a place that is so badly needed in today's hustle and bustled times.
 I hope that 2017 will bring more good fortunes.
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