A Tea Party for Girls

Rhode Island Black Heritage Society Hosts Annual Tea Party at Governor Lippitt House in Providence
 The Rhode Island Black Heritage Society will host its second annual Tea Party for Girls at the Governor Lippitt House in Providence, at 2:00 p.m. This event invites girls 6 to 12 years old to learn the basics of social etiquette to build the skill-set needed for advancement in our changing society.
Today's young girls enjoy more opportunities than their mothers and grandmothers could ever imagine. But in order for them to advance further into leadership positions, it is crucial for them understand the many aspects of social etiquette. In hosting this unique event, the Rhode Island Black Heritage Society mixes the tradition of an afternoon tea party with the subtle lessons on the importance of making an admirable impression while making friends.
 This year's Tea Party for Girls will feature an appearance by reenactor Lady Estelle, who will join the tea party in the role of Mrs. Christiana Carteaux Bannister, a 19th century New England businesswoman and abolitionist. Lady Estelle will share inspiring stories of historical African American women in Rhode Island while teaching the etiquette of taking tea.

 The girls participating in this event will receive a free "Because I'm a Girl" bracelet from sponsor Alex and Ani as a gift. Laurie Onanian of Alex and Ani states "This bangle carries with it an empowering message for young women. 'Because I am a girl, I am born to achieve. I am capable. I am brave. I am born to inspire others and I am a blessing to the world.' This bangle is part of our Charity By Design program whereby 20% of all sales support Plan International USA's Because I am a Girl initiative, a movement to lift four million girls in the developing world out of poverty."
 This year's tea party is also being sponsored by Preserve Rhode Island, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the goal of protecting Rhode Island's historic structures and unique places for present and future generations. Refreshments will be served during the party.

 The Tea Party for Girls will take place at the Governor Lippitt House, 199 Hope Street in Providence. The event is free to participants. A girl can be sponsored for a $15 donation. For information, call (401) 421-0606 or email rickman@rickmangroup.com. To donate, send a check to 123 North Main Street, Providence, 02903. Donations can also be given online at Eventbrite.com (keyword search: RIBHS).

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