Deck the Halls and Invite All To Christmas!

 We, as the lovers of all things Victorian, I am sure that Christmas is your favorite time of the year to decorate your home in grand style. It was for Queen Victoria. She took care in making the home glow with delight, to bring her large family together. She and Princess Albert wanted every room in the palace to sing with the holiday spirit.
When you visit some of your local historic homes and museums, you will see and feel what it was like in the Christmas past.

In these rooms, the warmth comes alike and you can feel the welcome of the families that lived here..

Families would come together, from all parts, to enjoy holiday meals, spirits and drinks, enjoy music and hear stories telling of Peace and Good Will.
 Originally Christmas was  Christ Mass, the Christian holy-day observed on December 25th to celebrate the birth of Christ. Later it also became an important secular holiday with the focus on the family..

Customs for celebration Christmas varied from country to country, but the message of good will to all remained the same .
The Victorian Ladies Society has been an inspiration to me for many years. I want to wish all of my kindred spirit sisters, Peace and Good Health, ( around the world) this glorious time of the year.

Downton Abby Fox Hunt at Hearthside House

What a lovely afternoon. 


We, at Hearthside House Museum, hosted a Downton Abby style Fox hunt and Luncheon on Chase Farm in Lincoln, RI. 

Weather was beautiful, 

the guests were enchanted and all in all a great historic experience.

A Portrayal of Maritgha Lyons

Today, I had a visit from a lovely young lady with a passion for history. I helped her with her first historic attire for a portrayal of
Maritcha Lyons- 

The Lyons' home was attacked several times during the New York City Draft Riots of July 1863. Lyons was a teenager at the time. She fled with her family to Salem, Massachusetts for a short time before returning to Brooklyn. Because of the ongoing danger, her parents sent the children to Providence, Rhode 

In 1865, Lyons was refused entry to the high school in Providence because she was African-American. The state had no high school for black children.. The family successfully sued the state of Rhode Island in a campaign to bring an end to segregated schools. At the age of 16, she testified before the state legislature, "pleading for the opening of the door of opportunity". Lyons later became the first African-American student to graduate from Providence High School.

Who Am I ?

What does it mean to be a Victorian woman?
It means to dress with modesty, having pride in yourself and the way you look, be quiet in nature, be ladylike at all times, never be loud and flirty.  Have pride in your femininity and have fun being a woman.

My Beautiful Town of Providence

Providence, Rhode Island.
I have lived here for over 30 years and have grown to love it.
 It has much history here.

As you explore the city you find some of the most stately buildings that tell a great story of the past.
We have the story of Roger Williams, the founder of the town and his story of finding a place where people, of his time, could have religious freedom and live in peace.

With my passion for history I send lots of time researching new places in this town, that tells me stories of the Providence of old.

With The season changing, the town changes and I change with it.
I love it even more!

A step back in time with Lady Estelle

Lady Estelle's Interview with Kim Poovey

I want to thank my dear friend Kim Poovey for the lovely interview she posted on her blog.

Victorian Lady Estelle Barada

August 8, 2017
Lady Estelle Barada exemplifies the dignity and grace of the Victorian era and has been gracious enough to share her Victorian background and philosophies here at the Quintessential Victorian. Please pour a cup of tea and join us for more about her daily Victorian pursuits and visit the links at the end of the post to learn more about her Victorian lifestyle and contributions to the preservation of the 19th century way of life.
 Read more here.....

The Quintessential Victorian would like to extend gratitude to Lady Estelle for her participation in the interview and for her ongoing dedication to the Victorian era! For more about this amazing Victorian lady please visit her blogspot at:


Victorian Lady Kim

Meet Miss Bell


I want to introduce you to Miss Bell.
I bought her from The Salvation Army Store for $12.00. She is wearing a delightful Spring dress and Hat, that I just adore. 
She is always ready for a tea party. Her face and hands are made of porcelain. 
She's quit a beautiful lady by day. But by night, this lovely lady turns into a lamp. Her lovely dress lights right up show her evening charm.

                                                    She is quit the Victorian Lady!

portrayal of 19th century entrepreneur Christiana Carteaux Bannister

Christiana Carteaux Bannister: 19th Century Rhode Island Entrepreneur Join Mrs. Estelle Tucker Barada and the Warwick Historical Society fo...