My Historic Attire for Reenactment!

New Arrival from Victoria Choice


 This is my very first reenactment corset. It was very comfortable to wear and get use to. It laced in the front and the back. Very easy to put on by myself.
I still wear it from time to time, but I have quit a large collection now.
This is my first civil war reenactment corset. This is the one I wear quite often, 

I was preparing for a Civil War Ball in March.
I just had to get a new ball gown. It arrived in the mail.

Yellow and black Pleated skirt.

I just purchased this lovely skirt and I have been dying to wear. I want to show this lovely creation off to all my re-enactment friends.The skirt has directional pleats that are beautifully and evenly pleated to emphasize the pattern of the plaid. It is sewn to a self-fabric waistband. The fabric is woven, (not printed).
I got it from

I have not wore it to an event yet, but I want you to see it.

Victorian Fashions:
The term "Victorian fashion" can be used to refer to frilly, lacy, flowing clothing from the British Victorian era (1837–1901).

Styles favored in the Victorian era emphasized the notion of being at the height of all possible civilization and refinement, and the elimination of any outward hint of savage or animal nature in humans in the interests of modesty.

"Proper" clothing required covering the entire body apart from the hands and head, although these too were often covered with gloves and a hat.

Women's clothing: dresses with skirts long enough to reach the feet on a Corset. Showing an ankle covered with nothing but stocking was considered rather risque, and frowned on in polite society.

This new outfit is from Recollection.

Velvet jacket in a lovely sand color features a long flared peplum that falls gracefully over the hoop skirt. Matching velvet covered buttons close the front and short collar. The plaid skirt is gathered to a button waistband, matching the sand colored jacket with accents of either blue or orchid. Designed and made by Recollections in America. Dry clean. Cotton velvet; acetate plaid.  

It is time to gather my reenactment collection for the past 5 years and take a closer look at them. Time to up scale and redesign.
Victorian and Edwardian Undergarments is very important for the correct look and fit of the garment and attire.

This is my very first reenactment corset. It was very comfortable to wear and get use to. It laced in the front and the back. Very easy to put on by myself. I still wear it from time to time, but I have quit a large collection now.
I purchased it at Littlehuggs Reenactment Costumes


My first Civil War dress was brought here also.
It was not period correct as I learned later, but it was fun to wear and it was my first start at buying Civil War attire.
After really getting into it. I joined a Civil War group where the ladies help a lot on what was correct attire for that era..


These are some of the Civil War dresses of a good friend, that let me try them on to get the feel of a well made and period correct day attire.
I got a chance to model them during my first Civil War reenactment event.

After that I was so inspired to find a good company to dress me for any era I desire with confidence and correctness. I came across Recollections.
My very first purchase was a success. I felt like I step back in time. It arrive just before Christmas. My gift to myself.
I truly enjoyed wearing this dress and I wear it often still. It is very comfortable. I like to wear it as a every day dress.

Another Recollection outfit I truly love is this Victorian 1890's visiting outfit.

Victorian Mourning attire.

The mourning bonnet was purchased from Victorian Trading Company. 
The lovely 1880's Walking Suit  
 Updates on Old Outfits 
Some of my old outfits had to get new life and new looks.

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