Victorian Mourning at the Hearthside House in Lincoln

Welcome to Hearthside House.
The "Victorian Mourning" exhibit, on display this month at The Hearthside House in Lincoln, Rhode Island, explores the unique traditions surrounding mourning during the Victorian era.

Americans took their cues from Queen Victoria, making mourning one of America's first big businesses. "Mourning clothes for ladies were really the first ready-made, off-the-rack clothes that you could buy,"
The exhibit also examines the significance that flowers and food played in Victorian-era funerals, as well as many of the actions following death that were customary, such as having a small funeral tea or dinner in the home of the family.
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Staging of a comparison Shot

 The photo on the left was taken by Rufus Waterman in 1900. In the photograph is Mrs. Waterman and the Talbot's cook, Marie Jackson.
 This comparison photo on the right was taken by David Cruz in 2012. In this photo is Mrs. Kathy Hartley and Estelle Barada (me)
 Both photos was taken in the Hearthside House's kitchen.  How amazing.

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