A Great transformation.

I enjoy my role as the great Victorian lady and teaching etiquette to young ladies at the historic Hearthside House Museum 

This month, we at Hearthside transform our museum and grounds into the 1904 Worlds Fair.
It was a lot of work for months. We wanted to show what took place at this historic event.
We, the docents and staff  took on amazing transformations to take you back in time.

 I was asked to take on a challenge and portray a great African American man in history. He was Doc. William Key.

                                 Preparing for my interpretation of Dr William Key
It was the first time in my reenactment days, have I ever portrayed a gentleman. It was quite a challenge and interesting.
 It was not easy. The mustache kept getting in my mouth when I talked. I kept wanting to pose like, Lady Estelle when folks wanted to take my photo. I did not know what to do with my hands. But all in all, it was a lots of fun.

 A self-trained veterinarian, “Dr.” William Key was born a slave in 1833. Even as a child Bill was recognized for having extraordinary horse whispering and animal healing skills – using only kindness and no force. 
Read more about the Doc and his amazing horse, Beautifull JIM.

 Doc and Beautiful Jim was one of the main attractions at the 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair.



It was also a big attraction at Hearthside's 1904 World's Fair.

He is the smartest house in the world. He can write, spell, knows colors and can count money.
He proformed for the children and his true history amazed the adults.

I was honored to have been able to teach such a beautiful and true story to so many interested people.

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