"The Victoriana Program"
By Lady Estelle
This program brings to light some of the differences as well as some of the similarities between African American and Europeans of these eras. A visual fashion display with modesty and grace, Lady Estelle will intrigue and delight you as you step back in time. 
While dressed in reproduction undergarments, clothing and accessories, She will introduce the history of fashion, home life and etiquette of the women during the: 

1865 - Victorian/Post Civil War
1890s - Gilded Age

  • 1900s - Edwardian Era

The Program include:   
  • History of the Undergarment
  • Fashions of the era
  • Personal Adornment
  •  Rules of Etiquette
  • Home Life
  • Families
  • Workplace
  • Society at that Time 
This program is suitable for Museums, Historical Societies, Libraries, Tea Parties, Churches, Fund Raising, Senior Centers, Active Retirement Communities and Women Networking Gatherings.



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