The Ending to a good year!

 2013 is quickly coming to an end. It was a good year for me.
 I had many new adventures and met wonderful new friends to take the journey with me.
 I have learned a lot about myself and feel quite lucky.
 I have no regrets on how the year went for me. If I had to do it all over, I would not change a thing.
 Yes, life have been good to me and I am truly grateful!
 I want to thank my friends who have inspired me in my quest for knowledge of history and my heritage.
 As I look back on what I have learned, I am ready for what the future holds for me.
I am ready to bring in 2014 as a true Victorian and Historian.

New dress for a Christmas celebration

From time to time a Victorian woman must make some alterations on an old dress to create a new look. Well mine began with a lovely yellow ball gown I have not worn in year. The first time was at a Civil war ball in 2010.
It was a challenge being I have not sown in awhile. But it was the time to put on my Victorian thinking cap and come up with something smashing for my up and coming event.  Here goes.
From this:
This to:

Good Year at Hearthside!

I had a wonderful and rewarding year at Hearthside. I was pleased
with my interpretation of the Hearthside house cook and feel my guest were to.

 Now the season is coming to an end. 
This month we will decorate the house for Christmas, give our last tours of the house and then close up for the winter

victorian Garden Party at Hearthside.


An afternoon of old-fashioned fun is in store for girls and their moms, along with their American Girl Dolls® on the grounds with a Victorian Garden Party being held on Sunday, August 18th.

This event is especially designed for girls ages 5-10. This event focuses on the leisurely past times during the Victorian age. There will also be refreshments of old-fashioned lemonade and cookies along with lawn games, such as croquet, graces and hoops. The fun continues with prizes and raffles, tours of the house, and shopping for a special treat for girls and their dolls.

There will be two seatings: one at 11:30 a.m. and the other at 2:00 p.m. Tickets are $20 for each child/adult pair and $12 for any additional children and may be reserved by calling Hearthside at 726-0597. Like our other doll events, we expect that tickets will go quickly, especially since seating is limited, so don't delay!

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A Great Gatsby Day at Hearthside

The Great Gatsby Auto Show at Hearthside House, this weekend past, was a smashing hit! We could not have asked for better weather. The lawn of Hearthside was filled with beautiful automobles of the past. It was a pleasue to meet the owners of these well kept and pampered automobiles. It made for a most memorable event in Hearthside's history.

 What a wonderful step back into the 1920"s.

sorry I've been away

 I am sorry I've been away from my blog for so long. I've been busy doing so many wonderful things and having a wonderful Victorian journey. I have so much to share with you, I do not know where to begin. Well first of all, my good friend Mia has decided to shut down her blog. I'm so sad about that, but I can totally understand her reasoning. Her journeys is taking her in to new places and it is very hard to sit down and write about adventures in a timely fashion.

 She is my inspiration for such a young woman. You must read her blog. You will also be inspired.
 I do feel that it is important to keep a blog. Writing gives you a chance to stop, sit back and see where you have been and where you are heading. I wish her all the best that the world has to offer.

I had a wonderful historic 61st birthday spent with friends and family.

When one gets older one must still make changes in their lives. This is my motto. Every year , after my birthday day, I plan for these wonderful changes that send my into a new year with new adventure and a new start. This is my way of not feeling old but new.

My Victoria Birthday Tea Party!
I hosted the tea party portraying Madam Sissieretta Jones, "the greatest African American Opera singer of her time.
The guest arrived promptly at 5pm on June 26,2013, as invited and was greeted by two of my dear friends of history, Sir.Salisbury and Lady Kennedy.

The ladies was dressed for tea with their hats and party attire. It was held in one of Providence's elegant Victorian Homes.
At the tea, I had the honor of teaching the young ladies that attended, some good old fashion tea etiquette. It was a glorious event. These lovely photos were taken by Robb Dimmick.
The Tea received news coverage by the Providence Journal, which is our town's paper. These photo's were taken by their photographer. I was given permission to use one or two of many that were taken.

It was my birthday and I could not have wanted to spend it any other way.

Tea with Madam Sissieretta


  • You are cordially invited to tea at The Nightingale House

     357 Benefit Street, Providence, RI on Wednesday, June 26, 2013  

     5:30pm until 7:00pm

    I, Lady Estelle will host a tea while portraying the great lady Sissieretta Jones. She loved to entertain while having tea when she was not touring the county. It will be a relaxing evening of culture and total enjoyment

  • Formal attire is desired, but not required.
    Wear your best hat and bow tie, fancy bonnet and gloves.

    Ticket for the tea is
    On sale now at the Rhode Island Black Heritage Society.
    Please RSVP early at
    Seats will go fast.

    All proceeds will go to the restoration of Sissieretta's performance gown.
  • Madam Sissieretta taught young girls etiquette while having tea. She felt it important for young girls to be  taught etiquette at a very early age. It was to teach then the decorum of the times. They would need to learn early what was proper and how to present themselves in public. It was very important for a young lady to show she had proper upbringing and she was ready for society life. Having tea was a good way for young ladies to socialize, so it was important to know proper etiquette or manners at the tea table. Having tea was not to just sitting and drinking tea, It was the whole performance
    of the taking of tea while declaring their position in life. 
    Etiquette and the art of taking tea has died down though the years. But not let it be said, that it is not needed. It needs to be kept alive for our young generation of today.
    At the tea, Lady Estelle will hold a small demonstration of some of these tea etiquette to a group of girls for your entertainment..

                                                     Hope to see you there!

Downton Abby Tea at Hearthside,

Table all set to greet the guest for tea.

                 Our well trained staff stand ready in each room.

A wonderful welcome from Kathy Harley, the Lady of Hearthside,


           These two gentlemen came to enjoy an afternoon tea at Hearthside.

Mrs. Henry informs the ladies about the duties of the servants and the positions of the family members of Downton Abby.


                                       Behind the scenes, in the kitchen at Hearthside.

                                   The day was a total success!

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