Thursday, August 1, 2019

Portraying Christiana Bannister

Christiana Banister was one of Providence's icon from the 1800's. At every chance I get, I bring her to life and attend historical event where she can make herself known. 

On July 24th, the What Cheer Writer's Club was having their new historical website launching and reception. For the guest entertainment and education, I was asked to come dressed in historical attire and mingle. 

Well, I became a social butterfly as Christiana. I was amazed that many of the guests had not known who she was. I was honored to tell a little of her life and the legacy she left to Providence.

"The abolition of slavery, caring for those in need, bringing joy and beauty to the world, are Christiana Babcock Carteux Bannister's legacy."

Friday, June 21, 2019

Portraying Sissieretta Jones

 Friday, June 14th at the Manning Chapel, Brown University.

  I want to thank  Robb Dimmock , Ray Rickman and the Schiller Institute Chorus for a wonderful afternoon of spiritual music and inspirational speakers. This was just one part of the events to the BREAKING CHAINS Project put on by STAGES OF FREEDOM
Also, a big thank you goes out to my dear friend Rose Weaver for taking these lovely shot of me portraying Sissieretta Jones that evening.

Born Matilda Sissieretta Joyner on January 5, 1869, in Portsmouth, Virginia, she was the child of Jeremiah Joyner, a pastor, and Henrietta Joyner, a singer in the church choir. After moving with her family to Rhode Island when she was six, Sissieretta began singing in the church choir, which was directed by her father.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Afternoon Tea With Little Girls and their Dolls!

On June 2, I hosted afternoon Tea with some lovely little girls and their dolls.
 This is a popular event at the Hearthside House/Museum in Linlcon, RI. 
It was their annual American Girl Doll Tea. 


 I was honored to be able to give the young ladies a few tips on Tea Etiquette and table manners. Theses ladies hung on to every word and showed me they paid close attention.

The weather was perfect for out of door photo shot. 

Monday, May 6, 2019

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

2019 Presentaton at North Smithfield Heritage Assocation!

The North Smithfield Association had their Annual Member's Meeting and Potluck Dinner.
 I was asked to give a talk and presentation on Victorian fashion's and lifestyle.
 The Special Event Coordinator was a very good friend of mine, which we had not seen each other in years.
 It was a honor for me to do this and get reacquainted with her again. We has worked together on organizing period correct attire for Docents at the historic Hearthside House. She is a qualified seamstress of many years. 
She is my assistant here with my presentation.

  The presentation showed how a Victorian woman dressed for a night out!

As you can see, it was a huge success!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

In The Media again!

Stages of Freedom presented its sixth annual gala event on Sunday. The event is co-sponsored with Preserve Rhode Island, which provides an opportunity for young girls of color to attend a tea party in an elegant and historic setting.
This year, Lady Estelle Barada, a Victorian re-enactor from Providence, known for her tea parties for girls in her East Side home, taught the art of taking tea, social etiquette and table manners to 45 young girls.
The party is part of a long tradition in the Black community of using tea parties to teach manners, social network, and raise awareness & funds for important causes.
Girls wore their best party dresses and enjoyed tea, pastries and music in the historic Gov. Lippitt House Museum.

 Sybil Bailey for donating the beautiful porcelain doll which we auctioned off at the party for $50.

Kudos to GoLocalProv for the lovely video they created. Watch it at:

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