A StepBack In Time!

If you are looking for a true step back in time, come for a tour in the Hearthside House.You will be guided by docents dressed in Victorian era clothing. Enjoy the charm of this historic home. It is located in the Great Road Historic District Lincoln, Rhode Island.

Victorian Tea Society of Providence


Victorian Tea Society of Providence was established in 2001 to bring together Ladies and Gentlemen who share a love for the Victorian Era and to make new friends.

We are a society of women and men dedicated to the enjoyment of tea and friendship. We lunch, laugh and learn while relaxing with other tea lovers.

Based in the New England area, located in Rhode Island. In our small groups, we each take turns being the host or hostess of the month. The tea party host or hostess may choose to serve a luncheon with a formal, informal, or even a witty theme. He or she may even plan an outing to visit a tea house, museum, etc.There is a $10.00 monthly fee, which is given to the host or hostess for that month to help defray the costs. That way we don't have to charge an annual membership fee.

Join us! Simply contact us here at the bottom of the page. Give us your full name, email address, and tell us a little about yourself.We'd love to have you!

Would you like to join us for a cup of tea~ Meet new friendship the old fashioned way?

Are you a ephemera

Do you collect old post card, photograph or paper dolls. Remember them. If you love collecting very old paper and things, than YOU are an Ephemera. Join this group.

Website: http://ephemera.ning.com/

The True Victorian/Edwardian Network

Etiquette for women, men and young children has never changed. They are still the same as in the past:
I have created a network group to keep the decorum of the day alive.
The subjects in this group are :~ Behavior, Body language,~Poise and Posture,~ Beauty, Health and Fitness,~ Image and Appearance,
~ Fashion and Accessories,~ Etiquette,~ Cooking and Dining skills,~ Dating, Dances and Parties,~ Effective communication,~ Writing and Penmanship,~ Cultural,
~ Figure correction and Corset-training,~ Parenting & Mentoring for young children.

Let us step back in time and revisit these times and era!

Sarah, c.1862

Sarah, c.1862, originally uploaded by victorianlady1800.

victorianlady1800 / Lady Estelle

(Sarah Forbes Bonetta) a African Princess
  Sarah at the age of 8, I was taken to England, June of 1850, to meet with Queen Victoria. She became her godmother and benefactor.
As rare as it was for her Majesty to received guests, she took a liking to her. She owe her life to the Queen and the great Captain Forbes.
The story of her life can be read in the book "At Her Majesty's Request" by Walter Dean Myers

Enjoying the winter sunshine in the countryside - recent portrait of me

This is my dear friend Lady Pearl (Countess of Beaumont)

Corset advertisement from 1903

Is this just the most. I adore corsets.
I am training to wear a corset at all times. A proper Victorian Lady wears her corset to complete her look.


026, originally uploaded by BeverlyBernice.
I absolute love this picture.
I do not know who the model is nor the photographer.
It is so Lacey and Sexy.
I have this love for Hats and Corsets. You are invited to come and share this love with me.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

The Duchess

This is another of my favorite movies. I love the fashions and the style of the era

Jane Austen


Jane Austen was born on 16 December 1775 in Steventon, Hampshire.
In 1789 she wrote her first novel, Love and Friendship (intentional mis-spell), amongst other very amusing juvenile. In Dec 1795/Jan 1796, she met Thomas Langlois Lefroy, an Irishman who would often be considered an important part of her life. In 1811, Austen's first novel Sense and Sensibility was published anonymously ('By a Lady'). Pride and Prejudice was published in 1813 and received instant popularity. Despite her romantic novels, the writer herself never married. In early 1816, Austen suffered an illness (either Addison or Hodgkin Disease), and on 18 July 1817, she died at the age of forty-one in the arms of her sister, Cassandra, and was buried in Winchester Cathedral.


New Day Dress!

My new dress just in time for Christmas. Victorian Day Dress. I just love it.

portrayal of 19th century entrepreneur Christiana Carteaux Bannister

Christiana Carteaux Bannister: 19th Century Rhode Island Entrepreneur Join Mrs. Estelle Tucker Barada and the Warwick Historical Society fo...