Tea with Madam Sissieretta


  • You are cordially invited to tea at The Nightingale House

     357 Benefit Street, Providence, RI on Wednesday, June 26, 2013  

     5:30pm until 7:00pm

    I, Lady Estelle will host a tea while portraying the great lady Sissieretta Jones. She loved to entertain while having tea when she was not touring the county. It will be a relaxing evening of culture and total enjoyment

  • Formal attire is desired, but not required.
    Wear your best hat and bow tie, fancy bonnet and gloves.

    Ticket for the tea is
    On sale now at the Rhode Island Black Heritage Society.
    Please RSVP early at rickman@rickmangroup.com
    Seats will go fast.

    All proceeds will go to the restoration of Sissieretta's performance gown.
  • Madam Sissieretta taught young girls etiquette while having tea. She felt it important for young girls to be  taught etiquette at a very early age. It was to teach then the decorum of the times. They would need to learn early what was proper and how to present themselves in public. It was very important for a young lady to show she had proper upbringing and she was ready for society life. Having tea was a good way for young ladies to socialize, so it was important to know proper etiquette or manners at the tea table. Having tea was not to just sitting and drinking tea, It was the whole performance
    of the taking of tea while declaring their position in life. 
    Etiquette and the art of taking tea has died down though the years. But not let it be said, that it is not needed. It needs to be kept alive for our young generation of today.
    At the tea, Lady Estelle will hold a small demonstration of some of these tea etiquette to a group of girls for your entertainment..

                                                     Hope to see you there!

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