Dressing in Historic Attire

I am a Living History Reenactor and Docent at the Historic Hearthside House in Lincoln, RI .
I enjoy dressing in historic attire and tell stories of how women lived in the past. It is educational and also stimulates the imagination.

I am also studying the role African American women played in history. I am working on a persona of a great historian to educate all about the contribution of Blacks to this historical era.

I want my page to be fun, educational and relaxing.
Come often and have a cup of tea with me... I will be adding great photos for you to enjoy and comment on. I hope you will enjoy your stay here!... Anyway, "Please Come In my Dears, and Do not Forget to "Leave Your Calling Card" at the Door"!

Demontration of Historic Underpinnings

.   At an Afternoon Tea at Hearthside, I graciously demonstrated what made the foundations of a Victorian women. By giving a closer loo...