Dressing in Historic Attire

I am a Living History Reenactor and Docent at the Historic Hearthside House in Lincoln, RI .
I enjoy dressing in historic attire and tell stories of how women lived in the past. It is educational and also stimulates the imagination.

I am also studying the role African American women played in history. I am working on a persona of a great historian to educate all about the contribution of Blacks to this historical era.

I want my page to be fun, educational and relaxing.
Come often and have a cup of tea with me... I will be adding great photos for you to enjoy and comment on. I hope you will enjoy your stay here!... Anyway, "Please Come In my Dears, and Do not Forget to "Leave Your Calling Card" at the Door"!

portrayal of 19th century entrepreneur Christiana Carteaux Bannister

Christiana Carteaux Bannister: 19th Century Rhode Island Entrepreneur Join Mrs. Estelle Tucker Barada and the Warwick Historical Society fo...