Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Kentucky Derby" Tea!

For our traditional Annual Mother's Day Tea, Hearthside is "Going to the Races"!

Lincoln ---- The historic Hearthside mansion offers the perfect setting for the elegance and tradition of a Victorian Tea Party, and so once again this year, Friends of Hearthside are sponsoring their Traditional Mother's Day Tea on Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Tea provides an experience of grandeur of the late 19 century, when elaborate teas were fashionable social events.

Ladies and gentlemen would often meet in the afternoon to enjoy tea and conversation among elegant settings of lace and dainty china tea cups, with wonderful creations of miniature tea sandwiches, scones, and scrumptious sweets. As with so many Victorian traditions, elaborate dress, as well as proper etiquette, was followed for the ritual of Afternoon Tea. Women would gather with big feathered hats, long full dresses and gloved slim hands.

The volunteers from Friends of Hearthside, who will be dressed in their Victorian finery, cordially invite their guests to experience a memorable day by joining in the tradition of Afternoon Tea.
While Victorian dress is optional, guests are encouraged to wear their favorite hats.

The theme for this year’s Tea will be “Going to the Races.” and will feature our very own Victorian lady, Lady Estelle T. Barada, who will discuss the history of the "Kentucky Derby" and the tradition of "Wearing of the Hats".

Her presentation will start by showing you what the young lady of Stephen Hopkins Smith's fancy, would have worn on that afternoon buggy ride though Great Road, in 1810. 
Then she will time travel to the mid 1800's and what the ladies  worn to a Victorian Tea and to the Royal Ascot. Also, the type of hat and bonnets worn during the Civil War era of the mid 1860's.

Then you will travel to the 1900's and see what Mrs Talbot of Hearthside might have worn as she went visiting, a day at Churchill Downs, riding in the motor car or a voyage on the Titanic.
The Edwardian Hats were the most largest and over the top in any era.
Then traveling into the vintage hats era of the 1930's - 1950's. 
She will also exhibit some of her favorite hats from her private collection.
This will be a most exciting adventure into the History of Hat's and a Day at the Races!

Prizes will be given for the “most beautiful” and “most unusual” hats.

In the midst of our busy and hectic schedules, the Afternoon Tea is an opportunity to experience and relish in the luxury of slowing down and visiting with friends.“It’s a true step back in time”, says Lady Estelle.
In addition to enjoying the rituals of Tea and the hat presentation, there will also be tours of the 10-room house given , following the  tea.

Special gifts for mother will also be available at the Hearthside Gift Shop.

This popular event, now in its tenth year, is expected to draw 60 guests. Space is limited.
The tea starts at 2pm and the tickets are $20.00 .Tickets must be purchased in advance by calling Pat Campellone at 401-722-2925  or Lady Estelle 401-935-5759, before April 21.2011.
All proceeds from the event benefit the restoration of the historic homestead.

Often times referred to as “the house that love built”, Hearthside was built with lottery winnings in 1810 by Stephen Hopkins Smith with the hope of winning the heart of his lady love.
Hearthside, a landmark in Lincoln, is considered to be one of the finest examples of a Federal style home in Rhode Island, with its ogee curved roofline and two-story pillared porch.

Friends of Hearthside is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve the historic town-owned mansion.
Hearthside is located on Rt. 123 at the intersection of Breakneck Hill Road and Great Road in Lincoln.
For more information, visit

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The 32nd Grand Review Civil War Ball

Held on Saturday, March 26, 2011
at the Doubletree Hotel  in Milford. Mass
We enjoyed a Reception, starting at 6:00 pm-

 Everyone was stunningly dressed. The women were so elegant and the men were so stately.
 We had the pleasure of the Company of General and Mrs. Grant. I found them to be both great living history reenactors.

 It also was sure a pleasure to meet some of the members of the 54th Infantry. I have heard so much about them. "I felt honored"!

Members of the 54th Mass. Bol. Inf. Co "A" and the women of the "Colored Ladies Christian Relief Society".

 Now, the dancing begins.

It ended at 11:00 pm. What a glorious event!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Preparing for the Civil War Ball

Music by The Camp Lincoln String Band
Doubletree Hotel Milford, MA
I can't wait to show off my new ball gown. The color is perfect for the bringing in of Spring.

I have decorated the bodice just a little by adding tiny flowers across the chest plate. I did not want to take from the softness of the design.
I just wanted to add a little bit of me to this lovely gown.

I will add these tiny flowers to my hair and gloves. I will hopefully get a chance to take pictures, if I am not having too much fun.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Victorian Lady On A Crusade!

As you may know, I have a passion for the days gone by, especially the 19th century. Some say I spend to much of my time living in the passed. I can say some of that is true, but I am also a Crusader in the 21st century against a modern day disease called Breast Cancer. I have been in this war for eight year as a walker in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Boston, Mass. I take on the tact of walking for 2 days and raising $1800.00 to help with research to end the disease, hopefully  in my life time. This money also goes to women and men who have this disease and are not able to afford the medical burden. I feel I can make a difference now in the 21st century.

About the Avon Walk Boston

Boston has been called the biggest small town in America. The Avon Walk Boston will encompass many of this city’s most historical and famous sites May 14-15, 2011.

In a town made for walking, it’s a perfect way to experience the historic town’s winding and narrow streets, the shores of its famous harbor, and the vibrant New England neighborhoods that make Boston so unique.

IN IT for a purpose

We’ll walk up to 26.2 miles on Saturday, and 13.1 miles on Sunday—all so that women and men can get the medical care they need regardless of their ability to pay, and leading research teams can receive vital support in their ongoing search for a cure.
Please come and help me in my crusade by donating to the cause. Visit my Avon Walk Website to see how you can help or donate today and help me reach my goal. Click here:

I usually do not use my blog page to ask my readers and followers for anything but to enjoy, but my heart compels me  to reach out to you.

God Bless us all!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tea and Fashions with Lady Estelle!

Tea and Fashions with Lady Estelle!
  Lady Estelle, as she prefers to be called, is a living history re-enactor whose goal is to "help keep life in the times gone by." She particularly loves the Victorian era, fashions and homes. "With today's stress and fast pace, I relax by stepping back in time. I always had a passion for the Victorian era with it's elaborate fashions and it's high society life. I enter my day as I would have in the late 1800's, " states Lady Estelle, fondly known as "The Modern Day Victorian Lady." 

Immediately after contacting The Hearthside House, she marched with the Hearthside float in the Memorial Day parade. After learning the history of Hearthside, one room at a time, she became a interpreter and is now serving as a docent for all of the tours.

She is a perfect fit for Hearthside, and it hasn't taken her long to fall in love with the house. Lady Estelle has charmed her guests with her infectious enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of historical times, fashions and etiquette. She has been involved with every event and every tour day since she joined two year ago in May.

In fact, she is now leading a new program unveiled by Hearthside House... Etiquette Lessons for Young Ladies---being given to Girl Scout troops. They are  invites to Hearthside for tea and treats. While enjoying her lessons, the ladies are quit impressed with Lady Estelle's style of dress.

At the Annual Meeting of the Friends of Hearthside on March 20th, 2010, Lady Estelle was voted as a member of the Board of Directors. She brings to the board her skill of reenactment, passion for research, education in the arts, fashion and theatre. And she pledges to be a key contributor in all our efforts to raise funds for the preservation of Hearthside, which no doubt she will!

Lady Estelle lives in Providence and even has a Victorian tea Salon in her home, where she relax and enjoys entertaining her friends and family. She is also open to small groups that are interested in having tea with her. You may contact her at Enter " Tea With Lady Estelle" in the subjuct box for a private tea party.
Lady Estelle has worked at the Providence Marriott for over 20 years, where she is presently the Banquet Supervisor. She integrates her Victorian fashions into her everday wardrobe, including hats! Estelle created and owns the Victorian Tea Society of Providence. Her love of "all things Victorian" extends to her active involvement in numerous social networking sites related to teas and the Victorian era, and proudly promotes Hearthside and the events within them.
Lady Estelle was recently featured in CNN iReports for being among a unique group throughout the world "Living in a Time Warp." We're so glad that Lady Estelle has chosen Hearthside to share her talents, and to devote her passion and energies to!
Written By
Kathy Hartley, President
Friends of Hearthside, Inc.

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