what is Steampunk to a Modern Day Victorian?

To answer that question, one must know what Steampunk is!

Steampunk is a genre of science fiction that has a historical setting and typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology.

Steampunk is a science fiction genre that is set in the historical 19th-century. Steampunk is where the Victorian era meets the future and steam is the fuel for all 

So as my understaning of the Steampunk culture, it is a safe place for me as a Modern day Victorian. I feel I can time travel to the future and still keep my civililized decorum intact.

This weekend I time traveled to Manchester. Ct to a Steampunk Ball. It was a gloriouse adventure.

Showing Off!

…and then there was that time when we took our audience back, waaay back in the timeline of #fashion.  Here we had Lady Estelle, the Modern-Day #Victorian Lady, giving the RIFW audience a presentation on how the #ladies dressed back in the 1800s.  Yes, she took them off layer by layer, till she was down to her #bloomers

Learn more about Lady Estelle's work here: https://buff.ly/2tjhvjY

Photos by Valencio Photography

#RhodeIslandFashionWeek #RIFW

We could be related!

                        She could be my sister!

I love these old photograph of Black women and men that lived in the 1800's  though the early 1900's.
They look so stately and elegant. I feel sometime that I could have been a part of their family's. 

portrayal of 19th century entrepreneur Christiana Carteaux Bannister

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