Rearranging a Victorian Apartment?

I have to surround myself with things of old. It is my comfort. But, it is time to rearrange my apartment. Spring cleaning so to speak! It's not easy when everything in the apartments likes where it is. I feel I need to change it all around. This is how it looks now.

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I want to get rid of the Victorian clutter. We are known for that.
I need some decoration idea for the Spring. I would love your comment.

National Reenactor Public Dress Up Day.

National Reenactor Public Dress Up Day:
All reenactors and living historians, of all time periods, are invited to wear period clothing for the entire day. Be proud of your part in bringing history to life!
Network: Global

Start Time: Wednesday, 14 April 2010 at 00:00

End Time: Thursday, 15 April 2010 at 00:00

Location: The world!

I spent the day reenacting the 1880s Victorian Lady. I visited some of the historic sites in Providence , left fliers for upcoming events at Hearthside and then relaxed in an old friends home for photos and dinner. It was a fun and educational day.

 What was the public's reaction?

The older ladies in the Stop&Shop stopped me to adore my outfit and thanked me for the time to remember the olden days. A group of school girls yelled from the bus window joys of seeing the pretty lady on the street. They all waved and praised my outfit.
Visited the Roger Williams Visitors Center and received a warm welcome and a free tour. The day turned out to be quit educational for me as well.


Over Worked!

The last two days have been very busy for me at the hotel. I am not complaining,but it leaves no time for what I enjoy most.
I have had not time to sit and enjoy my favorite cup of afternoon tea. What I don like the most is, I do not have much time for my blogging and greeting my friends.
You mean a lot to my motivation. My stress level has been high and I lost my temper today.
Work is necessary, but peace in life is a must. Looking forwards to a day off tomorrow. It will be "National Reenactor Public Dress Up Day!
I plan to dress up and have a Victroian picnic in the park. I can't wait..
I need at this piont a little step back in time!
I bought this beautiful 1900's baby carrage last year at the Hearthside House Antique Fair.
On Sunday, August 8th, the Friends of Hearthside will sponsor our 2nd Annual Antiques Fair. Quality antique and collectible dealers from throughout New England are expected to participate. Single and double spaces are available for rent at the event. The Fair will be set on the grounds of Hearthside and run from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. With some 16,000 cars a day passing by Hearthside, this offers great exposure for an outdoor event such as this.
Tours of the house will be given throughout the Antiques Fair, and refreshments will also be available, making it the perfect outing for the family.
Proceeds from the event will support the continued restoration efforts of the historic homestead.
To inquire about renting space at the Antiques Fair, call 401-726-0597 or email

About Me In the Hearthside News Letter.

Introducing Friends of Hearthside Board Member
                                    Estelle Barada
Just about a year ago, Estelle Barada contacted me through the Hearthside website that she was interested in volunteering. Lady Estelle, as she prefers to be called, is a living history re-enactor whose goal is to "help keep life in the times gone by." She particularly loves the Victorian era, fashions and homes. "With today's stress and fast pace, I relax by stepping back in time. I always had a passion for the Victorian era with it's elaborate fashions and it's high society life. I enter my day as I would have in the late 1800's, " states Lady Estelle, fondly known as "The Modern Day Victorian Lady."

Immediately after contacting us, she marched with the Hearthside float in the Memorial Day parade. After learning the history of Hearthside, one room at a time, she became a interpreter and is now serving as a docent for all our tours. She is a perfect fit for Hearthside, and it hasn't taken her long to fall in love with the house. Lady Estelle has charmed our guests with her infectious enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of historical times, fashions and etiquette. She has been involved with every event and every tour day we've had since she joined us last May. In fact, she is now leading the newest program offering that we are unveiling next month ---etiquette lessons for young ladies---being given to Girl Scout troops. At the Annual Meeting of the Friends of Hearthside on March 20th, Lady Estelle was voted as a member of the Board of Directors. She brings to the board her skill of reenactment, passion for research, education in the arts, fashion and theatre. And she pledges to be a key contributor in all our efforts to raise funds for the preservation of Hearthside, which no doubt she will!
 Lady Estelle lives in Providence and even has a Victorian tea room in her home and runs her own beauty business as a Beauty Advisor. For the past 20 years, Lady Estelle has worked at the Providence Marriott where she is the Banquet Supervisor. She integrates her Victorian fashions into her everday wardrobe, including hats! Estelle created and owns the Victorian Tea Society of Providence. Her love of "all things Victorian" extends to her active involvement in numerous social networking sites related to teas and the Victorian era, and proudly promotes Hearthside and our events within them. Lady Estelle was recently featured in CNN iReports for being among a unique group throughout the world "Living in a Time Warp." We're so glad that Lady Estelle has chosen Hearthside to share her talents, and to devote her passion and energies to!Written By
Kathy Hartley, President
Friends of Hearthside, Inc.

ReOpening of the Gift Shop at Hearthside House

After extensive renovation, the Hearthside Gift Shop, which has been closed since last July, is reopening on Saturday, April 10th during the season opening.  With a new ceiling, track lighting, painting of floors and walls, and the removal of a wall that made the shop quite crowded, the Gift Shop is now shiny and bright and much larger
The Hearthside Gift Shop opened in a small pantry at the back of the house in 2001 when Friends of Hearthside was formed.  Over the years, it has grown from just a small amount of merchandise to quite a collection of gift items.  The space became tight to the point where it was too crowded many times for visitors to stop in and browse.  Two years ago, as a result of a chimney leak, the room suffered damage and this past summer work began on the reconstruction.  During the process it was decided to remove the wall which had been constructed early in the 20th century and return the room to its original size. 
We look forward to welcoming visitors to our "new" shop, just in time for our 200th Year Anniversary! 

My Comfort Place!

"My Comfort Place" is my porch (it is on the second floor of a 1900's style apartment building).
From my porch you can see the Providence city skyline. It's quit a lovely view for a city.
But most of all is the peacefulness of being up above the city streets with all it's hustle and bustle.
It's quit peaceful up here!
After a long day a the Marriott, I come up here to  take time for myself. I read, take a nap or just sit and think about absolutely no-a-thing.            "THIS IS MY COMFORT ZONE"!

Happy Holiday!

I wish all of my Victorian/Edwardian friends a very peaceful Easter.
And to all that are celebrating Passover, happy Hoilday to you and your family!
From Lady Estelle

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