Sunday, March 18, 2012
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Thursday, March 1, 2012
                                     Welcome to my Lady's Parlor.

 Here is where we talk about fashions, the decorum of the day,
undergarments and  all things Victorian and dainty.

No men dare to enter these doors. For here is where their ears would ring  from talk of immorality and social graces .

I love all things Victorian and Edwardian.

There is something about lace, pearls and frilly things that I adore.. The Victorian woman loved these things and could not get enough of them.

 I can relate. More hats, please."Show me the biggest you have"

I enjoy collecting old photos of women all dressed up in their elegant clothes and attending fancy events.

Come sit with me in the Lady's parlor. I have some some delightful Victorian gossip that will  pick your spirits up.
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My Victorian Hostess Gown

Honorable Mention:

Costume Contest USA Entry 29.) Dress: Historic Hearthside House Hostess Gown Victorian Costume Contest

Victorian Dress Costume ContestComment by JUDGE Lisa Schnapp: 8/15/2010

"Lovely, glowing creation blended of soft, feminine hues. A stunning gown that embodies Victorian style femininity..."

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