Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Old Brick School House.

The Old Brick School House, a small but dignified building, embodies a special kind of significance in the history of Providence. http://www.ppsri.org/organization/old-brick-schoolhouse Although it stands somewhat crowded by current neighbors, the Brick School House still makes a significant statement about the democratic and civic ideals of 18th century Providence.

The Brick School house served many educational functions. Among its occupants were a school for black children, a cooking school, and a fresh air school for tubercular children, the first such program in America.

In the early nineteenth century, many African Americans were educated in the Old Brick School House. In the 1820s, a Quaker ran a private school for African American children.
 In 1828, the town of Providence established a public school system and created a separate school for African Americans until the state legislature outlawed racially segregated schools in 1866.
The public segregated school was called the Meeting Street School, the African school, and the colored school.
 On Saturday, July 28 at 5:00 p.m., I  with many others, joined The Rhode Island Black Heritage Society in the unveiling of a plaque at  the Meeting Street School, which, in 1828, became the first public school in Rhode Island to be open to African American children.
It was once again, history in the making and I was honored to be in attendance for this celebration..
It was very nice to see the community come out and show there support. By preserving and teaching our history to the children, makes for a better future.
 The Meeting Street School will be persevered and looked after under the expert stewardship of James Hall and the Providence Preservation Society,

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