Thursday, August 20, 2015

Stepping back to 1770's

I truely enjoy the reenactment of the events and times of the Victorian era. But I have been asked by the Rhode Island Historical Society to be apart of their John Brown House Museum's event.
It turned out that I was to meet the President of the United State, in the time period of George Washington.
Now, what would I wear to meet the President? What would I say? Am I a slave or free person? These are all the questions I needed to find out.

First - What to wear?
I researched some paintings of women of color in the 1700's by Agostino Brunias.

Thanks with the help of the Rhode Island Historiacal Society, we were able to dress me properly for the era.

Now, for the persona- Am I a slave of free person?
We came up with, I was a free person that sold flowers in the town and market place. I was pleased. I sold my roses, that day, to the fine well dressed ladies of society. 
 I charge them five pennce each.

Time to meet the President, George Washington!
I am so nervous, unsettled and began to worry. What do I say?

 He was so stately. Standing taller than tall. But most of all, he had a kind gentle face. He smiled at me, took my hand and bowed. I was enchanted. Meeting this great representation of a man, was the highlight of the day, 

References to the event in the media.

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