Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Visit to The Gardner Museum in Boston

On my visit to Boston this month, I enjoyed the company of my dear friend, Carol Leary. 
We have been friends for 43 years.
 It started with a morning visit to the Gardner Museum Cafe for a light lunch. I enjoyed a delightful cheese cake in a jar. Very different but delicious. My friend enjoyed a hearty salmon salad. It was excellent.

 Than, a wonderful visit to the The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. 
It is a beautiful place for a photo shot.                 
 What a glorious back drop!

The day was adventurous and historic.

 The Isabella Stewart Gardner museum.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Victorian Fashions And What It Takes To Wear Them.

What a great time I had at my reunion this Saturday. It was an out-of-doors event. The temperature was 94. . 

The heat did not stop me .

I did a performance for my alumni family on
"Victorian fashions and what it takes to wear Them".
 Giving them a closer look at what it took to be a Victorian women.

It was the first time I preformed this with men in the audience.

 It was most interesting.
 It was well received even by the Nuns in the audience.

 The audience was quite impressed because this was all new to them, even the Victorian era.
 It was most enjoyable to show them these beautiful under garments up close.

At the end of my presentation, I invited a volunteer to come up and be laced in a corset. 
She had never had one on and felt it was fun and quite comfortable. 

 My presentation went off fabulously. It was huge success.

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