Friday, May 5, 2017

The Fifth Annual Girls Tea Party

Stages of Freedom presents its annual Tea Party, co-sponsored with Preserve Rhode Island, for young girls of color. 
 Our host, Lady Estelle Barada, a Black Victorian re-enactor, uses taking tea to teach social graces and etiquette to young girls. A long tradition in the Black community, tea parties were used to teach manners, networking and raise funds for important causes. ​ Enjoy tea, pastries and music in the historic Gov. Lippitt House Museum. 

 Wear your best party dress.
 Date Sunday, April 30, 2017
 1:00 PM 
Lippitt House Museum Providence, RI
 Price $5.00 per girl Ages 6 to 12 
Register my girl for "Girls Tea Party" 
 Sponsors play an important role in our Tea for Girls event! Sponsors provide funds that help us improve the event and bring more to the table.
 Sponsors make this amazing tea party possible, and this year you can make a difference to our wonderful girls.
 Become a sponsor donor of $25.00
Thank you for attending our fifth annual Girls Tea Party and making it a huge success!
A huge thank you to Lady Estelle Barada, board member Connie Jordan, and Carrie Taylor at the Lippitt House Museum for making this event so special and meaningful for both the girls and the adults!

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