Sunday, September 17, 2017

Downton Abby Fox Hunt at Hearthside House

What a lovely afternoon. 


We, at Hearthside House Museum, hosted a Downton Abby style Fox hunt and Luncheon on Chase Farm in Lincoln, RI. 

Weather was beautiful, 

the guests were enchanted and all in all a great historic experience.

A Portrayal of Maritgha Lyons

Today, I had a visit from a lovely young lady with a passion for history. I helped her with her first historic attire for a portrayal of
Maritcha Lyons- 

The Lyons' home was attacked several times during the New York City Draft Riots of July 1863. Lyons was a teenager at the time. She fled with her family to Salem, Massachusetts for a short time before returning to Brooklyn. Because of the ongoing danger, her parents sent the children to Providence, Rhode 

In 1865, Lyons was refused entry to the high school in Providence because she was African-American. The state had no high school for black children.. The family successfully sued the state of Rhode Island in a campaign to bring an end to segregated schools. At the age of 16, she testified before the state legislature, "pleading for the opening of the door of opportunity". Lyons later became the first African-American student to graduate from Providence High School.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Who Am I ?

What does it mean to be a Victorian woman?
It means to dress with modesty, having pride in yourself and the way you look, be quiet in nature, be ladylike at all times, never be loud and flirty.  Have pride in your femininity and have fun being a woman.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

1777 British Occupation of Newport event.

 Duchess Quamino was a pastry genius according to the folks of Newport back in 1770's.
After she gained her freedom from the William Channing family, she started her own bakery.

This August the Newport Historical Society asked me to portray Duchess in their reenactment of the 1777 British Occupation of Newport event. It was my pleasure to represent this great lady again.
I totaly got into the part by baking a couple of Duchess's famous Plum Cakes and setting up a beautiful afternoon tea table. Even the Rev. came to enjoy a spot of tea and my cake.
 As you know me, this is one of my specialties. 
 The Event Goers enjoyed my story and the lovely setup. I always enjoy telling story of woman who played a big part in American history.

Have a peaceful Sunday

Having afternoon tea and scones. Have a peaceful Sunday to you, my friends!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

My Beautiful Town of Providence

Providence, Rhode Island.
I have lived here for over 30 years and have grown to love it.
 It has much history here.

As you explore the city you find some of the most stately buildings that tell a great story of the past.
We have the story of Roger Williams, the founder of the town and his story of finding a place where people, of his time, could have religious freedom and live in peace.

With my passion for history I send lots of time researching new places in this town, that tells me stories of the Providence of old.

With The season changing, the town changes and I change with it.
I love it even more!

A step back in time with Lady Estelle

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