Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Step Back Into A Dickens Christmas

I know it is to soon to think about Christmas, but it is my favorite time of the year. I go back in time and imagine a true Victorian Christmas. Victorians loved this time to decorate their homes, entertain the family, go for a ride in the buggy to visit the neighbors. Best of all was the carolers at the door.

This Saturday on November 26th, I went to the small town of Pascoeg, Rhode Island, where they brought those moment of Christmas past back to life. It felt like a place right out of a Charles Dickens story.
My friends and I dressed the part and went for a Victorian stroll though the streets.

The shops where all decorated and ready for the visitors to stop by and do their Christmas shopping..

There was even a puppet show going on in the street for the children to see.

My favoirte was the merry Dickens carolers. This really put me in the Christmas spirit.

                                               *Wishing all a happy and health holiday*

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

History of cooking by African Americans

I attended a wonderful historic exhibit at the Culinary Arts Museum in Providence.

The exhibition tells the story of African American cookery in my state of Rhode Island from the 1700s to the present day. I was so impressed.

There were many  artifacts, memorabilia, photographs and testimonials that gave life to how African Americans cooked and served food as slaves,.as newly freed men and women and who became successful entrepreneurs in the culinary trades                                                                                                                        

Arriving in the ports of Newport and Providence, slaves learned to cook with the leftovers or scraps of their owners’ kitchens. By the 1850s, when slavery was abolished in Rhode Island, they used their skills as cooks and servants to earn a livelihood.

These are the stories that are not told in the history books. I was like a child trying to adsorb all this knowledge in one scoop. I was not able to fully read all the information that this exhibit had to ofter. I will need a return visit.

I meet an inspiring woman by the name of that  thought by the way I was dressed that I was part of the exhibit. I assured her I was not. I  informed her that I was a living history reenactor, but tonight I was just a student of history. She was very helpful in how I could get more information by getting involved with the Rhode Island Historical Society and The Rhode Island Black Heritage Society.
We talk for quite some time and I am sure she will be instrumental to my historic growth.

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